The Ultimate Birthday Party

Get a Party Bus to Take You Out on the Town

Are you looking for a transportation experience that includes loud music, a stand-up bar, and dance poles? Look no further! Party Bus Kings LA is a premiere transportation company that has been serving the state of California for more than ten years.

We know how to provide a transportation experience that fosters fun and entertainment. With a 10,000 watt stereo system, four top-of-the-line subwoofers, and iPod / iPhone hookups, you can set the mood you want in our buses. In addition, we have many of the same features as a regular limousine, such as a light-up ceiling, disco floors, and many others.

The Party Starts the Moment You Step Inside

Our buses have 42" and 32" TVs installed, leather wraparound limo seating, and other features that create an ambiance unlike any other. In addition to the stunning atmosphere of our party buses, we also focus on excellent customer service.

We do whatever it takes to ensure that you have a good time and that your expectations are met. Any transportation company can boast about their customer service when everything goes according to plan, but what happens when a catastrophe occurs beyond our control? This is where our service outshines the rest!

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee a great driver, a clean vehicle and prompt, if not early service, if you choose to employ our services. We take our customer service seriously and you can be sure that we work to provide the best transportation experience for our customers. With drivers who are focused on client satisfaction, and transportation units that are constructed by the best designers in the business, our company provides a service that works to meet your expectations and fosters a memorable experience in any party atmosphere you are facing.

The Top Name in California Shuttle Bus Service

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Get from Point A to Point B on-time and with total luxury with Party Bus Kings LA and our fleet of shuttle buses in California. We highly value our clients and do everything we can to go above and beyond their expectations. To learn more about our shuttle bus services, contact us today and we would be happy to explain your options in more detail.